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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

10 promising technologies: from universal memory to Enviromatics

 Like every year, the Technology Review takes stock of 10 promising technologies.

Among these, let us point out  the airborne networks , which do not consist in making Internet from an airplane, but in radically transforming air traffic control. With this type of network, each plane transmits its identity, location and speed to the others thanks to a network made up of the planes themselves, somewhat on the principle of neighborhood networks (Mesh Networks): each plane being at home. both antenna and network node.

Universal memory, which thanks to nanotechnology could allow us within 20 years to fit all existing DVDs in a laptop computer world. Here, each bit of information is encoded, not by its electrical charge or the direction of the magnetic field , but by the physical orientation of nanoscale structures.

The virus of mobile phone, which dévérouillent protections and up unwanted numbers. Since the creation of the first virus (Cabir worm) infecting phones last June and the many variants that have emerged since, concern has grown - although the outbreak for now is confined to the labs of antivirus experts .

Enviromatics (for environmental computing). If until now, information technology has been on the periphery of environmental studies, some experts believe that the trend is changing and becoming its core. Automatic data collection through networked probes capable of  monitoring ecosystems in real time , standardization - via XML- which allows these data to exchange with each other and the decreasing cost of computing power now makes it possible to hope for the environment for the same revolution that biology has known with bioinformatics. Real-time data from the oceans, the atmosphere and the earth allow the development of increasingly reliable tools, simulations, alerts and forecasts.